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Workshop with Ton Voogt and Michael Fritzke
This year Ton + Michael will examine in two day workshops the classical repertoire in relation to today's knowledge.
Since the death of Joseph H. Pilates fifty years ago († October 9, 1967), we have learned a lot of new things. How our bodies physically work and evolve as well as how we process learning and information.
In the interactives workshops "Putting it together" and "Your Pilates Upgrade 2017" Ton + Michael will deal with these aspects in a studiosetting and examine the classical exercises with variations and modifications. So you stay up-to-date in teaching, as J.H. Pilates was the time of his life.
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New Classes in English
We welcome Oryan Werthaim who recently moved from Israel to Berlin and now will teach some classes in Arcoverde Pilates Zentrum. Oryan passed a complete classical Pilates certification and worked in different studios where she got experience also with people with special needs, children ....

Don't hesitate to meet Oryan and reserve your class for a promotion price

Private Session
try-out session 50,00  / package of 10 sessions 590,00

A registration in advance is required !


Gyrotonic Training
The training is based on the complete freedom of movement in three-dimensional space. With the GYROTONIC - equipmnet joints and muscles are systematically and gently trained in rhythmic circular movements. The GYROTONIC training system is still relatively unknown in Berlin. We offer it! 

Special: package of 3 sessions 120,00 Euro / package of 10 sessions 450,00 Euro


Pilates in english

Arcoverde Pilates provides private sessions in German, English, French and Portuguese

We are planning to offer group classes in English too when there is a demand for.

So when you are interested to join a group class hold in English, don't hesitate to contact us. 


Give us a call or send an email, we will advise you.