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Wir bieten eine Auswahl an DVD's für die Continuing Education, das gesamte Peak Pilates Instructor Programm und die Manuale für die Workshops Chair und Barrel (Level 1+2).

Alle Artikel in unserem Shop bestellen Sie per Email oder telefonisch direkt bei uns. Abholung im Studio.

Preise incl. Mwst. zzgl. Versandkosten

Triad Ball

The TRIADBALL is a unique resource to vary exercises of Pilates Mat training or modify. Singles, or with exercise instructions by master trainer Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt.

Triadball without DVD ............... Euro 19,95 order
Triadball with Level 1 DVD ...... Euro 29.95 order
Triadball Level 2 DVD ............ Euro 29.95 order
Triadball Level 1 + 2 DVD ........ Euro 54.95 order
Triadball + 1 DVD of your choice Euro 44.95 order
Triadball + 2 DVD's of your choice Euro 69.95 order


Pre-Pilates Exercises Video


Joseph Pilates is a series of exercises designed for clients who are not regular Pilates exercises can do. This Übengen, known as Pre-Pilates Exercises have been passed down from instructor to instructor or wom Intructor to the client - and only now documented.

Pre-Pilates Exercises video ...... Euro 29.95 order


Continuing Education with Master Trainer Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt


Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt to demonstrate alongside traditonlellen exercises also less well known in the Pilates archive. Learn More


Seminar 1, Cadillac, about 6 hours ........ Euro 99.95 order
Seminar 2, mat, about 6 hours .......... Euro 99.95 order
Semi 3, Refo. Chair & wound Euro 74.95 order
Package Seminar 1-3, about 20 h ...... EUR 229,95 order


Classical Pilates Technique - The DVD series with Peter Fiasca


Classical Pilates Technique: Complete Mat
Workout Series

Exercises for a modified Basic, Basic, Intermediate, Advance and Super Advanced Workout. All the exercises are shown in real time in the river, technical clarity and rhythm. / Min 75th

Mat Workout Series DVD ......... Euro 29.95 order