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The Choice is Yours

What kind of training we offer?

Pilates Training combines exercises on different Pilates apparatus and on the mat. Some people prefer individual attention, while others enjoy the dynamics of training with a training partner. The Pilates method respects the individual’s anatomy, its inherent possibilities and its limitations. The method is special in the way in which it can be individually tailored to fit your personal requirements. J. H. Pilates originally developed his method as an individual training method, which was not intended to be taught in groups. We recommend starting off with individual lessons and then switching to group training, if you prefer. A combination of individual and group training sessions is ideal.

Individual sessions
A Pilates instructor works one-on-one with you on the Pilates apparatus and on the mat. Individual training is the best way of getting to know the Pilates method. It is a particularly good choice for beginners, people in rehabilitation and for those who wish to have the complete attention of an instructor for themselves.

A Pilates instructor works with two or three people on the Pilates apparatus and on the mat. These training sessions are ideal for people who wish to train together on a regular basis and have already benefited from individual lessons.

Group Training
Training in the group basically involves doing exercises on the mat. The body itself must create the resistance that the apparatus would otherwise create. These sessions also incorporate exercises on the Wall Unit (Tower). We offer group sessions for every proficiency level. Please see our timetable for more details.

The Level of our Courses

Introduction to Pilates (group class)
For those interested in the Pilates method, but who don’t yet know what to expect. This class is a good way of gaining a first impression of Pilates and to see how we teach the Pilates method in our studio.

Group class – Introduction to Pilates
This course teaches the basic principles of Pilates as well as classic mat work exercises. Pilates energizes your body and increases its endurance by improving your strength and flexibility, balance, coordination and posture.
For participants without any / with only little previous experience. Series of 10 classes.

Group class Level 1
Exercises for beginners to improve strength, flexibility, balance and posture. For participants with previous experience of Pilates (at least 15-20 previous classes). You already know: Roll Up, Rolling Like a Ball, Corkscrew, Teaser Preparation.

Group class Level 2
More complex exercises for beginners and intermediate level. This class includes exercises on the mat and the wall unit and is designed for participants who train regularly. You already know: Teaser, Leg Pull Front, Open Leg Rocker.

Group class Level 3
More complex exercises for intermediate level. This class includes exercises on the mat and the wall unit and is designed for participants who train regularly. You already know: Teaser I & II, Leg Pull Front, Swan, Open Leg Rocker, Boomerang.